Session: Conquer the Classical Mainframe! -- JBoss AS7 on z/OS

JBoss AS is known to run on several Unix derivates, Linux and Windows. Even on IBM mainframes running z/Linux JBoss AS finds a Unix-like and familiar environment. In contrast to that the classical proprietary mainframe environment of z/OS is not supported, rumors say. But: JBoss AS can be arranged with z/OS, IBM's Java Virtual Machine, and even z/OS' batch job environment.

Oliver Mueller has shown in a proof of concept that JBoss AS 7 works generally on top of IBM z/OS. JBoss AS has its struggles with this partially open and EBCDIC-based environment, but the core of JBoss runs on top of the "dinosaur" of operating systems.

This session at JUDCon will show how JBoss AS can be configured to run inside z/OS UNIX Services; the Unix-compatible environment of z/OS. Additionally this session will demonstrate how JBoss AS can be configured as a z/OS batch job in JCL and can be configured hereby as a started task to start-up in z/OS's classical MVS environment automatically.

Furthermore this session will uncover the pitfalls with which JBoss AS on z/OS struggles. What must be changed that JBoss AS might integrated into z/OS completely? - An answer will be given.

Last but not least this session will answer the question: Why shall I use an open-source application server on z/OS? JBoss AS on z/OS has potential of useful applications. If the pitfalls are removed JBoss AS might be an open-source alternative to proprietary Java EE application servers on z/OS.

Speaker Bio(s):

Oliver Mueller works currently as a freelance IT architect, consultant, and project manager as well as IT trainer and coach. He knows Unix/Linux from inside out. Formerly he was involved in development of Linux distributions as kernel and system programmer as well as project manager. The mainframe is his second home since over ten years. He lectures and teaches regularly about z/OS and MVS/380. He is familiar with the Java EE environment, including JBoss AS, since the early days. He has also worked as a consultant for a vendor of application servers and development tools.

This session is planned for JUDCon 2012: China at Beijing, November 29th 2012 1:00 PM CST.